Class 3 Shingles: The Newest Hail Resistant Shingles

Class 3 Shingles and Texas Hailstorms

Hailstorms can wreak havoc on roofs, causing damage that leads to costly repairs. Fortunately, advancements in roofing materials have given rise to impact-resistant shingles that provide better protection against hail. In this article, we explore the journey from unclassified shingles to the emergence of Class 3 hail-resistant options.


The Steel Ball Test: UL 2218 Class 4 Rating

The UL 2218 standard sets the benchmark for evaluating the impact resistance of roofing materials. The famous “steel ball test” involves dropping a 2-inch steel ball from a height of 20 feet onto an installed shingle.



The shingle’s performance determines its classification:

Class 1: Minimal resistance to impact.

Class 2: Moderate resistance.

Class 3: Good resistance.

Class 4: Excellent resistance (the highest level).

Class 3 Shingles: Newest Hail-Resistant Shingles

  1. Reclassification and Retesting

Shingles that were once unclassified have undergone reclassification. Manufacturers recognized the need for better hail protection and subjected their products to rigorous testing. As a result, some shingles that were previously overlooked are now classified as hail-resistant.

  1. Criteria for Class 3

What makes a shingle Class 3 hail-resistant? It’s not just about surviving the steel ball impact. These shingles exhibit resilience against hailstones, preventing ruptures or cracks. While they don’t reach the Class 4 level, they offer substantial protection.

  1. Benefits of Class 3 Shingles

Affordability: Class 3 shingles are more budget-friendly than Class 4 options.

Insurance Savings: Many insurers recognize the value of impact-resistant roofs and offer discounts. Check with your insurance company. Some of the new Class 3 shingles may qualify for home insurance discounts.

Home Value: Installing Class 3 shingles can enhance your home’s resale value, especially in hail-prone Texas.


We Install Shingles from These Manufacturers:


As homeowners seek better protection against hailstorms, Class 3 hail-resistant shingles offer a practical solution. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old roof, consider these upgraded shingles to safeguard your investment.

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