Class 4 Shingles


Not many homeowners would know if the shingles on their roof would survive severe impact from a 2-inch steel ball dropping on them or if they would survive extreme weather. Most shingles would have damage on both sides of the shingle from such an impact.  The Class 4 Shingles were tested by dropping a steel ball onto the shingles. The UL 2218 impact test was developed with insurance industry leaders for the highest rating. class-4-shingles

Would your current roof’s shingles survive the impact? Unless you already have impact resistance shingles installed on your home, then the answer is no, they probably wouldn’t. Why is that an important factor to your roof? Please read on.

Provides Added Protection

These shingles offer a level of added protection. They are impact-resistant, beautiful shingles specially engineered to face some of the worst storms and extreme weather. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you will be able to find the right shingles that will showcase your home.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Class 4 Roofing Shingles For My Home?

  • Have extended warranties
  • They meet the highest standards for impact resistance – UL 2218, Class 4
  • May qualify homeowners for a premium discount from their insurance company *
  • Depending on your area, impact resistance shingles may be algae-resistant

* Homeowners should check with their insurance company to see if they qualify. According to Texas Department of Insurance, to qualify for the credit, roof coverings must be tested by an approved laboratory. Roof coverings that have passed the UL Standard 2218 test are classified as either Class 1, 2, 3, or 4. A Class 4 roof covering receives the highest premium credit.