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What about insurance, bonding and licenses for the roofing company?

The state of Texas does not issue licenses for roofing, therefore there is no such person as a Texas licensed roofer. Some may have one from a very small handful of states that do require it, but not here in Texas. Texas also does not require any roofer or roofing company to provide insurance or be bonded. It is best for any construction business to be insured and bonded, for the peace of mind both for the constructor and the homeowner. We took the extra step for your peace of mind by being bonded and insured.

How do I file a claim with my insurance?

If you go to the Resources page on our site you will find a link to most insurance companies claim sites. From there your insurance adjuster will take over and if we need to meet with them that is no problem. We work with your adjuster not against them, as most are quite knowledgeable so we are not here to burn bridges with your insurance company. Northwest Roofing is here to help and make your claim run smoothly while helping you to understand the deductibles, depreciation and payments.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

This depends of course on the size and complexity of the structure, and the time of year. Most homes can be done in one day. Some will take 2 and even 3 days depending on the size.

What if it rains while doing my re-roof?

Northwest Roofing tracks weather 7-10 days ahead of time on several different sites. If rain is predicted we will reschedule, if it is only 10-20% we will usually start with tearing off only portions of the roof and then going right back on with the new materials, while keeping an eye on the sky. We keep plenty of tarps on hand in case one of those crazy summertime storms pop up, which is seldom predicted.

What if I need a permit?

Most cities do not require permits, but if they do we will pull them for you. We are registered contractors for most cities in our area, if required, not all cities require this. We will deal with the inspector and set up the inspection and make sure you are all legal and in the clear.

Why do I need roof top vents?

To have proper ventilation in your attic your need soffit vents and roof vents. The soffit acts as the intake, the roof vents are the exhaust. Without proper vents the shingle warranty from the manufactures is void, therefore we will determine if you have enough or if more venting is needed. Many homes have none per the builders, just a way to cut cost to them, but we can help lower your energy bill by helping your A/C unit run cooler in the summer and help keep condensation from forming in the winter.

How can a homeowner recognize when their roof has problems?

Most of the time when a homeowner realizes they have a problem it’s already too late. Meaning there is already paint peeling, wallpaper falling and bubbles in the ceiling. In serious cases there may be mold and mildew from long term leakage. Causes could be from missing or damaged shingles, damage from tree limbs, wind, hail or varmints. Old shingles form cracks allowing water to flow into the felt, which may also be drying out and then will allow water to leak past into the attic. Flashing of all types, can deteriorate over time or become loose. An easy check is to look in the gutters for excess granules or at the down spouts. After a storm if something looks like it is missing, call a roofing professional to check it out. Its best not to try climbing on your roof, leave that to the pros that are used to it.

My roof leaks, do I need a complete roof?

Usually no, unless you have had a hail storm recently then there could be hundreds of places for the roof to leak. It’s best to call a professional roofing contractor to take a look at your roof because of the steep roofs we have here in N. Texas. Usually most leaks can be narrowed down to one spot or area, also while the roofer is up there they can find other small problems that should be fixed so that the problem doesn’t hang around later.

What options do I have for a re-roof?

At Northwest Roofing, we major in asphalt shingles only. With that there are many grades, brands, colors and looks to suit most homeowners. Some options are 3-tab or laminate, 25 yr. up to 50 yr. and even hail resistant. We specialize in these types because most homeowners are not up to shelling out two to three times the prices for the metal, slate or tile. Most all city codes prohibit shake shingles from being installed here in N. Texas, so asphalt is the most affordable.

What will a new roof cost?

This again has to do with what quality of roofing material you choose for your home, labor cost, hauling, dump fees, permits and overhead and profit for the company. Other factors include 1 or 2 story, pitch height, layers, accessibility to building, complexity of the roof and of course material type. All of this will be a factor when estimating a roof project. At Northwest Roofing we only use first-rate materials; this means homeowners should be on the lookout for “seconds” and flawed shingles from the “bone yards”, if you want really cheap, this is what you will be getting.

Are there benefits of a layover of shingles?

None whatsoever. Sure there is less cleanup after a layover and the labor and dump fees will be less, but so will the warranty. Usually there is no labor warranty since it would have to cover the existing roof also, and if there is a leak it makes it very hard to find and any hail stones hitting a layover roof are more likely to penetrate because of the gaps between layers. Also the shingle manufactures void the shingle warranty and it will stress the rafters and decking on your home, causing rafters to break and decking to bow.

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