Additional Residential Roofing Services


Our additional roofing services include chimney repair, skylight replacement, gutter installation, leaks, flashing, cleaning, ventilation, and skylights and more. Protect your largest investment with the reliable residential roofing services of Northwest Roofing. We’re based in Haslet, Texas and we provide a variety of roofing services for your home. Call Northwest Roofing today for a free estimate!

  • One of our additional residential roofing service is replacing skylights. Damaged skylights from hail or intense heat or perhaps leaking. Every skylight has to be customized and different lenses can be combined to get the effect you require.
  • Replacement of fascia boards and repair of broken rafters
  • Repair of deteriorating chimneys
  • Gutter Installation, either new or replacement. Gutters that are removed can be a mess when they are full of granules, leaves, trash and debris. Once removed, they cannot be effectively reinstalled, since they will bend and break upon removal. Our gutters are either 5″ or the oversize 6″, seamless, and come in 18 colors. They are made on site from a flat roll of aluminum and installed with hidden hangers and screws, rather than the large unsightly spikes. We pay special attention to making sure angles are perfect, so your gutters will drain properly, and to verify an adequate number and placement of downspouts.
  • For Painting and Sheetrock, whether outside or inside, large jobs or small, we have the skill and expertise to do the job right.
  • In addition to our roofing services, we work with skilled and experienced contractors for any window work, concrete work, heating and air conditioning, etc. Just check our Resources page.
  • For Custom metal gate systems, gate openers and custom fencing, we enthusiastically recommend Metal Concepts, owned and operated by Mark Bukowsky. Contact Mark at Metal Concepts or 214.532.7139.
  • If you don’t see what you need in our other services listed here, just ask. We will gladly help you to locate a reliable quality contractor for your needs.
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