New Roof Replacement


New roof replacement is installed with composite shingles. Northwest Roofing only uses high-quality composite roofing shingles in a new roof replacement. We strongly suggest using Class 4 shingles which has a higher impact resistance and can save you money with your insurance company.  Your home’s roof is the most important surface protecting your home and unfortunately gets the least amount of attention. Your roof will receive a lot of abuse through direct sunlight, rainfall, hail and debris. It is important to ensure that your new roof replacement is properly installed by a professional roofing contractor.

When our crew arrives they immediately start preparing the site for the new roof replacement installation. Northwest Roofing uses tarps to protect your home and yards from debris. Our crew will inspect the area(s) to make sure everything is covered and protected. We will look for the best spots to place ladders, equipment and materials to avoid damaging your plants and landscape. The majority of our new roof installations are completed in the same day.


What you may not know is that a new roof replacement does not require the “tear off” phase. A few additional facets may be involved and are listed below.


  • Installation of decking, if needed
  • Cutting ventilation, as required. Refer to Roof / Soffit Ventilation for energy saving information.
  • Installation of drip edge, underlayment, and all flashings.
  • Our residential roofing materials are high-quality composite shingles.
  • We do installation, per the manufacturer’s requirements. This includes the use of nails, not staples. Nailing will be anywhere from 4 to 6 nails per shingle. This depends on the type of shingle and pitch. This actually equals out to 8 to 12 nails per shingle, once the next course is installed.
  • Final detailing and total cleanup.
  • Northwest Roofing
  • new-roof-replacement-northwest-roofing-Tamko-Oxford Grey Tamko Oxford Grey
  • Before with 3-Tab Before “with 3-tab”
  • new-roof-replacement-northwest-rooofing-After Tamko Heritage AR OxAfter “Tamko Heritage AR
    Oxford Grey”

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