7 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Home Maintenance Should Be a Regular Routine.

Home Maintenance in the Spring is just as important as before Winter. Therefore, it is time to make a list of those important steps in maintaining your home. home-maintenance

Listed below, we have combined a list of 7 home maintenance tips to get you started this Spring.

1. Re-Roof or New Roof: It is true, in north Fort Worth and surrounding counties, the major hail season does not end until toward the last of May or early June. If you are planning on purchasing a re-roof or a new roof, you may want to wait until the hail season is over. home-maintenance

In other words, we are talking about large hail. Texas gets a share of hail storms throughout the year but the worse of it is in early Spring. On the other hand, if you have large or multiple roof leaks already doing damage to your home, then you will want to plan to hire a professional roofer now and get the problem fixed.

2. Gutters: If your home does not have gutters then it is time to have them installed. Gutters serve a very important function for your home. It saves your foundation and the soil and plants around the base of your home.

However, without them, the soil washes away around your foundation, leaving your foundation exposed. If you do have gutters, check to see if they are leaky or loose. Be sure to clean them out regularly so that rain can flow freely through them. The last thing you want is a clogged gutter that is backed up causing roof damage.

3. Examine Your Shingles: Do you have an older roof? Missing or damaged shingles? Shingles that are old or buckled can cause roof leaks and other issues on your roof. Be sure to walk around your home and examine your shingles. If you do have any missing or damaged shingles, you will want to call your local roofer to replace them. High winds and strong rain storms can easily pull up and blow away shingles.

4. Flashing: home-maintenanceBe sure to have your roofer to check the flashing around any chimney or skylights to ensure that it is properly fitted. Damaged and loose flashing can cause damage to your roof and can cause leaks into your home.

5. Tree Limbs: Be sure to cut away any tree limbs or dead branches that hang over your roof. Tree limbs are a gateway for unwanted pests to climb onto your roof.

6. Siding: You many want to invest in a power washer and spray your home’s siding. Spraying will remove any accumulation of mildew and mold. Also check for any peeling paint. You will want to scrap and then add a primer before repainting the area.

7. Windows and Doors: Be sure to check for areas that may need re-caulking. Scrape out the older caulk before re-caulking.

Don Rutherford, Founder and Roofing Contractor for Northwest Roofing, located in Haslet, TX. Don has 25+ years of roofing experience. He holds an A+ Business rating with the Tarrant County Better Business Bureau.


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