Cleburne, TX and Others Hit by Tornados

Cleburne, TX in Johnson County Hit by Tornados

Cleburne, TX hit by tornados. The hardest hit areas are near Lake Pat Cleburne and southwest Cleburne according to Cleburne Times-Review. A mile-wide tornado reached 80 mph winds as it passed through the town of Cleburne, TX, the Dallas Morning News reported. Injuries were also reported there, NBC reported.

cleburne, tx tornados

Multiple tornadoes swept through north Texas on Wednesday evening on May 15th, damaging dozens of homes and claiming several lives. At least six people were killed after a twister touched down southeast of Granbury, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds announced in a midnight press conference. Up to 100 more were injured, some critically, The Associated Press reported.

The Granbury neighborhoods of Ranchos Brazos Estates and De Cordova Ranch suffered the brunt of the damage.

Another twister hit about 40 miles west of Fort Worth in the town of Millsap, causing damage to buildings.

The tornadoes developed in the evening out of a system of thunderstorms over the area. Grapefruit-sized hail also pelted the area around Mineral Wells.


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