Home Roof Replacement

Home Roof Replacement: What to Expect

Home roof replacement can often become a stressful event for  homeowners. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy roofing company to do a home roof replacement can add to that stress. Northwest Roofing is a professional roofing contractor company with over 25+ years of roofing experience in home roof replacement. home-roof-replacement

Home Roof Replacement Preparation

home-roof-replacementThere are planned steps that go into a home roof replacement. We consider these steps to be important and to ensure that the home roof replacement is completed professionally, accurately and on time.

Weather Check

We always try our best to keep up with the weather. We will watch the weather forecast up to 15 days in advance. We use local and government sources but guessing weather is still a wild guess. If the chance of rain is above 30% we will not start the job. Below 30%, we may begin with your approval. We will only remove and replace one section at a time while watching the weather. In any case, we always will have tarps on hand as an extra safety measure. Weather issues like cold and heat can make a huge impact on the quality of a home roof replacement. We will explain about weather conditions at the time of your home roof replacement.


Careful use of tarps to protect your landscape features and grass areas, as much as possible. home-roof-replacement

Patio Furniture

Moving patio furniture, grills, etc. out of the work area (and setting them back in place after the roof replacement is done).

Tree Limbs

Trimming tree limbs off of the roof in order to complete the contracted work.

Removal of Old Roof

Tearing off old materials. This includes shingles, sometimes multiple layers, and underlayment if necessary.


Replacement or adding to decking, depending on the job and tearing out valleys to the deck level.

Removal of Other Items

Removal of all roof accessories and smoothing out the decking of nails, staples shingle pieces etc., so that the deck inspection may be done. A perfectly smooth deck is prepared for the new roofing materials.

Installation of New Roof Replacement

Now that everything is cleared away and we have a nice smooth deck for the new roof replacement.


Installation of required underlayment, depending on roof pitch, along with all valleys.


20″ metal is always used in all valleys.

Laminates or Ice/Water Shields

Cold Laminates and ice/water shields will be installed if required.


All flashing is inspected, replaced as needed or added if missing. This includes flashings around chimneys, walls, skylights etc. All penetration flashings are replaced, sealed and painted to match the roof. home-roof-replacement


Ventilation upgrades will be done at this time. See comments on Roof/Soffit Ventilation


Installation of high-quality composite shingles will be done per the manufacturer’s requirements. Our home roof replacement includes the use of nails, not staples. Nailing will be anywhere from 4 to 6 nails per shingle, depending on the type of shingle and pitch. This actually equals out to 8 to 12 nails per shingle, once the next course is installed.

The new roof is installed and completed. We will do another check around the house to make sure that we remove all ladders and equipment and check for any materials that may be lying around. We like to leave a homeowner feeling confident that not only do they have a new professional roof replacement but that the yard and house looks the same before we arrived.

Our customers’ testimonials are our best advertisement. We do every job professionally and as quickly as possible. Our BBB Business Rating of A+ is something that we are proud of.

If you are considering getting a home roof replacement and looking for a reliable roofing contractor, then call     (817) 439-3065 or fill out our easy contact form and we will be happy to give you a free estimate for a new home roof replacement. Northwest Roofing is located in Haslet and serves all of Tarrant County and surrounding counties.