New Roof or Re-roofing

New Roof or Re-Roofing Homeowner Tips

Tip 1: How do I know if I need a new roof?

There are a few signs that your roof may be in need of an upgrade. Here are a few telltale signs that you are due for a new roof: 

  • Your roof and shingles are between fourteen and fifteen years old.
  • Your shingles appear cracked, curled or blistered.
  • Your shingles are missing, torn or even severely damaged.
  • Your roof is leaking.

Tip 2: Is a new roof costly?

Most roofing companies work with a variety of clients who have a variety of needs. Choosing a new roof for your home involves a variety of considerations before an estimate is given. Some of these considerations include:

  • How large is your roof?
  • Which roofing material you would like to use?
  • Which type of shingles you choose.
  • The color of shingles chosen.

Tip 3: What is re-roofing?

It is common for most homeowners ask about re-roofing. As a homeowner, you should ask if the roofing company removes the old shingles or if they add a new layer of shingles. According to studies, it is not recommended to add new layers of shingles to your roof. Removing the old shingles and re-roofing keeps your roof from future leaks. Due to the weather in Fort Worth and surrounding counties, you may want to protect your home from these possible leaks. new-roof-or-re-roof

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