Polaralum Thermal Barrier Benefits

Polaralum Thermal Barrier Benefits Your Home

Polaralum thermal barrier benefits are great beating out Texas heat. polaralum-thermal-barrier

  • Increases comfort to your home.
  • Reduces Heat During Summer
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Keeps Heat From Escaping In Winter
  • Saves Energy Dollars

How does the Polaralum Barrier Work?

Radiant heat is generated by the sun and is the primary source of radiant energy. It heats the exterior of your home and this heat eventually is introduced into the interior of your home. The Polaralum thermal barrier benefits your home by keeping it cooler through reflecting back the suns radiant energy. This helps prevent heat build-up into your attic.


Polaralum thermal barrier is an underlayment that goes on top of the deck and underneath the shingles. It is also slip resistant and won’t tear. Another benefit is that Polaralum thermal barrier is impact-resistant to hail so it does not need to be removed if a storm destroys your new roof. Your investment will be covered with either a 15# or 30# traditional felt.

Will a Polaralum Thermal Barrier Benefit in Winter?

Yes, in the winter, the same barrier will reflect back up to 80% of the heat that tries to escape from your home through the attic.

Does my home insulation do the same thing?

No. While insulation is extremely important, it will not stop the radiant heat transfer.

Polaralum thermal barrier benefits with proper attic ventilation is the most effective way to save on your electric bill.

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