Roof Preparation for Winter

Roof Preparation for Homeowners

roof-preparationRoof preparation is something to be considering now because winter is coming soon in North Central Texas. As Texans, we never know what our winters are going to be like from one year to the next but it is important to always be prepared for the worst. According to the 2019 Farmer’s Almanac, we are going to have a very cold and wet winter.

roof-preparation  Freezing rain and heavy snow may fall onto lawns, streets and your rooftop. Sheets of ice are formed. Before the bad weather hits, one important thing you should consider is roof preparation. Fixing flaws on your roof after the rain, snow and sheets of ice form, it will be too late. Climbing onto a rooftop with sheets of ice formed, is difficult and not safe for anyone, including your loyal roofer.

Have your local roofer to inspect your roof twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Prior to winter, an inspection will reduce the likelihood of freezing weather aggravating existing damage to your roof and causing additional destruction. Before summer, you will save your roof from leaks due to torrential downpours. Focusing on your roof now before winter sets in is an important step to prepping for winter months.

Roof Preparation Tips:

Roof Inspection: Call your professional roofer to inspect and repair missing or damaged shingles and check the gutters and flashing. Shingles are a central element in keeping your home dry. Regular maintenance of the shingles on your roof is an inexpensive way to protect against the harsh elements.

Attic Ventilation: Have your roofer check your roof’s ventilation system. Snow and ice that remain on rooftops can warp shingles, causing cold air to seep into your home which will increase your heating bill. Attic ventilation systems allow air to circulate freely within the attic, thereby reducing the buildup of snow and ice on your roof.

roof-preparation Clean the Gutters: It is critical that you check your gutters for fallen leaves, debris, pine needles, twigs or bird’s nests that could possibly block the flow in your gutters. Gutters are important for draining rainwater and melting snow. If the downspouts are clogged, rainwater or thawed snow can overflow and cause water damage to your roof and the seep into the interior walls of your home. Notice whether or not the gutter water drains out of the downspout. If it doesn’t drain fully, the downspout could be clogged.

Chimneys and Skylights: Be sure to have your roofing contractor to check out the flashing around your chimney and skylights if you have them. Flashing is constructed either of galvanized metal or aluminum and strategically placed along areas where the roof intersects, such as joints, where a chimney interconnects, or along the edges of skylights. Flashing is an extra-protective mechanism designed to direct water to run off the slope of the roof. When flashing is missing or corroded, serious water damage can result. Gusts of high wind or freezing rains can cause flashing to uplift, loosen or tear. If your roofer notices any defects, have the flashing replaced. Replacing flashing is a small cost compared to replacing the entire roof or fixing the subsequent interior damage due to a leaky roof.

Maintain Trees near Your Home:  Trees with heavy branches that lean inward toward your home can become a hazard. Tree limbs may crash into your home during heavy rains or wind or ice and heavy snowfalls. Branches could smash into your roof’s shingles or windows. Branches can also be a bridge for rodents, squirrels, or other unwanted critters to access entry into your attic. Take care to trim back overhanging branches to prevent these problems.

Roof preparation is very important because winter is the worst season to suddenly need roof repairs. This happens because people who need them never bothered to have their roofs inspected before winter hits. However, even with pre-season inspections, proper service, and responsible care, winter can get out of control and roof damage makes itself known quickly. Unfortunately, that damage can get worse much quicker than it might in other seasons. Once discovered, get roof repairs as soon as possible to avoid damage spreading and costing more than it should.

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