Hire a Roofing Contractor in Spring

Spring is the Best Time to Plan on Replacing Your Roof

Often Spring is the time that we plan on our annual spring cleaning, planting a garden or perhaps adding a backyard kitchen or maybe putting in a pool, but what about your roof? During the winter, your roof has taken a lot of beating through high winds, snow and ice. experienced-roofing-contractor

Is it time to get a re-roof?

Your best option is to hire an experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damage. If your roof is still in good condition then that is good news but if it is not or if your roof has aged; then it’s time to plan on getting a roof replacement. Hiring a roofing contractor to inspect your roof is a safer alternative than climbing up on your roof yourself.


Getting a Re-roof in the Spring is More Affordable

During the Spring, roofing contractors are receiving calls from homeowners after a cold winter. As the year progresses, it is harder to find an experienced roofing contractor because they are becoming very busy. By summer, fall and early winter, most experienced roofing contractors are in demand and prices begin to go up. So don’t wait or put it off. Get your roof inspected now to see if you need a re-roof or if your roof has a few more years. Always hire a reputable roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Do some research to ensure that the guy on your roof is experienced and honest. If a roofer is knocking on your door, beware because he is probably a “fly-by-night” roofer or “storm chaser” and is desperate to find work. Don’t sign anything until you do your homework.

Weather Conditions Are Usually Better in the Spring

Roofing contractors will tell you that the weather plays a big part in how fast a roofing job will be completed. Usually, in the Spring, you will have several consecutive nice days to get a re-roof completed on your home. All roofing contractors pay close attention to the weather. An honest roofer will tell you if the weather is expected to be bad that there will be a delay in getting your re-roof completed in the time promised. In super hot weather such as in the summer or a storm in the winter rushing through will cause big delays in getting your re-roof completed on time.

Spring is almost here so don’t wait and call us today or fill out our simple Contact Us form for a roof inspection or re-roof estimate. You will be glad you did. 817.614.1630 (mobile) or 817.439.3065 (office).

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