Skylight Leaks or Replacement

Skylight Leaks or Damaged Skylights

Skylight leaks or cracks could be a true sign that you will need to replace your skylight. Skylight replacement is needed if your skylight has a crack or a hole in it. Broken skylights and unsatisfactory skylight performance are good reasons to replace your existing skylight. Some skylights are custom built for the home. Skylight replacement usually involves a skylight that is mounted to a wooden curb. Replacing these skylights without disturbing the roof flashing or skylight well is fairly common.  It will look like your skylight is leaking but it could be the flashing where your skylight ties into the roof. In order to properly fix the leak is to remove the shingles around the skylight. Your roofing contractor will need to remove the old flashing and replace it with new flashing. Then your roofer will need to re-shingle the roofing tiles around the skylight. skylight leaks

Skylights can be energy savers because they let in enough light during the day that you won’t need to turn your electric lights on.

Skylights made today use energy efficient glass, are economically priced glass, acrylic and are low maintenance.

If your skylight has aged or is made of material that is not energy efficient then now is a good time to think about skylight replacement. Older skylights were made with single glaze or single dome which are not energy efficient. The seals and glazing on the older skylight may become brittle and oxidized. This not only obstructs your view, keeping the light from shining through but it also increases the chance of hail storm damaged and leaking.

Skylight Replacement is a good investment and one you should consider if your skylights are older and are not energy efficient.

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