4 Reasons To Contact A Professional Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor is the Professional

In this world of DIY projects, many homeowners will likely try to fix their own roof. Thinking that it is just a minor fix but it could easily turn into a disaster! roofing-contractor

You are a responsible homeowner and you look up at your roof often to ensure there are no missing or damaged shingles. So one day you notice one missing shingle just a few feet up, clearly visible.


roofing-contractorHow easy that would be to fix yourself without having to call up a roofing contractor? You have a ladder and you have an extra shingle in your storage shed, so why not DIY?

Too often that one small shingle can cause you more problems than it is worth. You really should call your local professional roofing contractor to fix that shingle. Why?

4 Reasons Not to DIY on Roof Repair

1.  You Could Make Things Worse

You decided to fix it yourself instead of phoning your local roofing contractor. Why not? So you get your ladder out, place it carefully against the edge of your roof and with shingle in hand you climb slowly up to the roof. You carefully nail the shingle into place and pleased with yourself, you climb back down the ladder. No harm done and it only took you 10 minutes. But what you don’t realize is that when you replaced the shingle, you caused other shingles around it to become looser and now when a gust of wind comes along, you are likely to lose more than one shingle and will end up with a big bare spot on your roof and increasing the chance of a leak in your roof!

2. You Might Damage Something Else

You may not realize that while up on your roof shifting around that you are putting extra weight on roofing tiles which could possibly cause those roofing tiles to shatter or crack resulting in more roof damage. A professional roofing contractor would know just how to step around on your roof to not cause damage to other tiles while fixing the one shingle that needed replacement. roofing-contractor

3.  Did You Actually Fix the Problem or Left It to Leak Next Rain?

When you replaced the one shingle did you actually make it leak proof or provided a cause for future leaks? You probably didn’t make your roof water-tight so the next time it rains; water may start pouring through your attic causing more problems.

4.  You Could Fall Off Your Roof!

roofing-contractorIt has been known that most homeowners do not know how to properly access their roof safely. As a fact, homeowners who get their ladders out, climb up onto their roof have fallen off and seriously injured themselves. An accident can cause you a loss of work, pay, and time away from activities that you would rather enjoy than spending your time waiting to heal. A professional roofing contractor knows exactly how to climb up on your roof wearing the proper shoes and having safety precautions in place.

So, do you really want to DIY or would you rather call in a professional roofing contractor to replace your shingle for you and have peace of mind?

Northwest Roofing is a local professional roofing contractor who has 25+ years of roofing experience. Don Rutherford, owner of Northwest Roofing has a Better Business Rating of A+ because he has satisfied customers who will call him for any roofing problems including one missing shingle.

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