Roofer Cover-Up May Cause Home Fire

Roofer Cover-up: Does Your Roofer Do This?

Roofer cover-up is an on-going problem for many homeowners. It is unfortunate that most homeowners do not really know what is happening on top of their roof. Nor do homeowners know what an unknown roofer will do while he is on your roof. You just hired a roofer to fix a problem on a roof whether it is to replace a few missing shingles or to completely do a much needed re-roof. The roofer you hired came up to your front door and told you that you had roof problems so you let this unknown roofer climb up on top of your home’s roof and do whatever it is he wants to do up there. That was your first mistake. roofer-cover-up

Dryer Vents Can Catch on Fire

roofer-cover-up Some rooftops have the clothes dryer vent come up through their roof instead of going out through an outside wall. When a home is built this way, unless the homeowner climbs up on top of the roof, there is simply no way to clear out all of the lint and dust that accumulates in the dryer hose.  This lint gets built up in the hose and this is a known fire hazard according to local Fire Stations.

Roofers Do What They Want on Your Roof

It is also known that careless roofers will see this lint built up coming out of the dryer vent and they simply ignore it or cover it up. Often a roofer will install the wrong type of vent.  This blockage can cause a fire! roofer-cover-up

Northwest Roofing of Haslet, Texas Cares

Don Rutherford of Northwest Roofing is an experienced and local roofer, who is aware of dryer vents out of the roof, can be a fire hazard.  He takes action to ensure that the correct dryer vent is installed and will take the time to clear out as much of the lint and dust as he can.

“This blockage WILL cause a fire. It happens all the time. When I come across one I usually clean it out from the rooftop as far as my tool will reach, 9-12 feet.  I always install the proper vent so that the lint can be forced out through the roof, wind and rain will blow/wash it away. Someone recently brought it to my attention what I do and I was just like…well, never thought about it, just something I always do to make sure everything is perfect.”

Northwest Roofing has been in the roofing business for over 25+ years with an excellent reputation. The company continues to have a perfect BBB Business Rating of A+. Our Customers are happy and satisfied with the professional service and attention to detail that Don Rutherford brings to every home he services. He also provides other services that homeowners may need such as installing gutters, do chimney repair, roof ventilation, skylight replacement and more.  He offers a Free Estimate on a re-roof or new roof replacement.

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