Does Your Home Need A ReRoof?

Residential Reroof: You Need to Hire an Expert!

A reroof is an important investment in your home. Do not ignore the signs of requiring a reroof because if you wait too long it can cause extreme damage to your roof and eventually to your home. Hire an expert roofing company to inspect your roof on your home or investment property. reroof

What Does Roof Damage Look Like?

Take a walk around your house while taking a close look of your roof. Do you have missing or broken shingles?reroof-needed-because-of-damage-from-hail-stormLook around your house for any water spots in your ceiling after a bad rainstorm or hail storm. If you see any, you probably have roof damage. Don’t climb up onto your roof if you feel uncomfortable doing it. It is better to wait and hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof and give you a true record of the condition of your roof and shingles.

Shingles Replacement for ReRoof

We install high-quality composite shingles according to manufacturer’s requirements. Our residential roof replacement includes the use of nails, not staples. Nailing will be anywhere from 4 to 6 nails per shingle, depending on the type of shingle and pitch which equals out to 8 to 12 nails per shingle.

We highly recommend the Class 4 shingles for your new reroof. Why install Class 4 shingles? Class 4 shingles will uphold under the severest weather. The Class 4 shingles weather the storm with added impact resistance. These 3-tab shingles offer a level of added protection that you will want for the life of your roof. These impact-resistant, beautiful shingles have been specially engineered to face some of the worst storms and extreme weather and still look their best. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you will be able to find the right shingles that will highlight your home.

*Your insurance company should give you a discount for upgrading to a better quality Class 4 roof shingles. Class 4 roof shingles will significantly reduce damage to your roof in the future.

*Homeowners should check with their insurance company to see if they qualify. According to Texas Department of Insurance, to qualify for the credit, roof coverings must be tested by an approved laboratory. Roof coverings that have passed the UL Standard 2218 test are classified as Class either 1, 2, 3, or 4. A Class 4 roof covering receives the highest premium credit.

Professional and Affordable Roofing Contractor

Call Northwest Roofing for your reroof. Our customers’ testimonials are our best advertisement. We do every job professionally and as quickly as possible. We don’t like to inconvenient the homeowner any longer than necessary. Our BBB Business Rating of A+ is something that we are proud of and represents our professionalism and expertise.

Fall is around the corner, is it time to order a reroof before the bad winter weather hits? If you have a damaged roof, don’t put off getting your roof fixed which could cause more roof damage, call Northwest Roofing today!

Give us a call at (817) 439-3065 or (817) 614-1630 or you can fill out our easy contact form. We will be happy to inspect your roof for roof damage or give you a free estimate for a reroof. Northwest Roofing is locally owned and operated serving all of Tarrant County and surrounding counties.