Know Your Roofing Company

Know Your Roofing Company: Who’s Knocking at Your Door?

Most homeowners are at the mercy of roofing companies who are really sales people that are looking for unsuspecting homeowners. They come out in droves knocking on homeowner’s doors usually after a bad hail storm. These sales people are known as “storm chasers” who flood neighborhoods knocking on doors and leaving pamphlets right after a bad storm looking for business. Finding a trustworthy roofing company is tricky so contacting your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a better resource. Homeowners would be wise to choose a roofing company that has been accredited with the BBB for several years with an A+ rating.

Every year these “storm chasers” and roofing company “pop-ups” will usually sign-up with the BBB. The date they sign-up is an important sign to the homeowner as if the roofing company is local, has a good rating of A+ and if they have been established as a roofing company for several years. If not, these are the ones to avoid! The roofing company that JUST signed up after a storm.  Anyone with a rating lower than a A- should be avoided also.

Contractor’s referral sites usually aren’t a good resource for homeowners. Most of these referral sites are a business to make money off of any contractor who is willing to pay money to be listed on the referral site. The more money the roofing company is willing to pay the referral site, the higher up they will be on the list.

Is There Real Damage On Your Roof?

As a homeowner that cannot climb up on the roof or prefers not to, looking at the metal roof vents can have tattle-tell signs. Look for large dents and or collapsed vents, gas exhaust vents that do not look round any longer, or large dents on the inside of gutters.

Be careful to not let just anyone who claims to be a roofing company up on your roof. Except for honest roofing companies like Northwest Roofing, almost all “door knockers” will claim that your roof is totaled. These sales people or storm chasers, will say anything to get a homeowner to let them on the roof. If there is not the damage they are looking for, some people will actually “quarter spin” the roof to add damage and the homeowner will never know any different unless they actually see them do it.

Northwest Roofing, a Fort Worth Roofing Company is Known for Their Integrity


Don Rutherford, owner and roofing contractor for Northwest Roofing is known for his integrity among other professional qualities. Don has been in the roofing business for over 25+ years. He first began working in the roofing business alongside his father. He learned quickly on how to professionally install a roof and started his own roofing company in 1997.

Since then, Northwest Roofing based in Haslet on the borders of Fort Worth and Wise and Denton counties, has grown into a roofing company that has a trustworthy reputation. Don has stayed on task insuring that he and his roofing team only delivers a professional and excellent job each time they have a project.

Need a Free Estimate?
Don offers potential customers a free estimate on examining their roof and if they need a complete replacement or some minor repairs. Don does charge to look for leaks however, because it is very time consuming and once he finds the leak, sometimes the homeowner decides to fix it himself and Don is out of the time and money he spent looking for the leak for the homeowner. Otherwise, Don is very happy to give a homeowner a free estimate.

Northwest Roofing Works With Homeowner’s Insurance Company
Don also provides an extra service of working with the homeowner’s insurance company when the homeowner puts in a claim. This helps save time and frustration on the homeowner and Don is able to explain the situation best to the insurance company.

Customers Can’t Say Enough How Grateful They Are for Northwest Roofing
Don is known for his integrity but he is also known for his expert roofing skills and professional roofing services. His customers are more than happy to highly recommend Don and Northwest Roofing. Don cares about his customers and does all that he and his team can do to make sure the roofing procedures are completed and in the time promised.

Don’t Need A New Roof But Have Other Repairs?
Northwest Roofing provides other professional services for homeowners. These services include roofing ventilation, repair of chimneys or skylights and other services. If you need something repaired, just ask Don Rutherford. If he can’t fix it, he may know another service professional who can.

Tarrant County Better Business Bureau
Don is a Business Member of the Tarrant County Better Business Bureau (BBB). His reputation as a local professional roofing company goes a long way. Northwest Roofing has the highest accredited Business Score of A+ since 2005.

Areas Serviced by Northwest Roofing
Northwest Roofing services the Tarrant, Wise and Denton counties. Northwest Roofing serves the communities of Fort Worth, Bedford, Boyd, Decatur, Euless, Grand Prairie, Haltom City, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, Lake Worth, North Richland Hills, Rhome, Richland Hills, Roanoke, Saginaw and Watauga.

Personal Quote By Owner
At Northwest Roofing our goal is to make every customer a happy homeowner by providing professionalism and expert workmanship in your roof repair or replacement or other repair work you may need. We do this for a fair market value under the guidelines of doing the best work possible, without cutting corners and using the best roof repair materials available. Our residential roofing materials are of the highest quality and standards.
~ Don Rutherford, Owner and Roofing Contractor